Brouhaha Brewery Fermentation Tank
Brouhaha Brewery opened its doors in June 2016 as a premium quality brewery and restaurant.
We produce and package all our beer from our Maleny Brewery using a three-vessel Spark brew-kit, seven fermentation tanks and a six-head canning line. Our brewery operates Monday to Friday and is run by our Head Brewer, Matt Jancauskas, and our very enthusiastic team of brewer's assistants and bar staff.

From our inception, we created beers that can be enjoyed by

craft beer connoisseurs and the causal beer drinker.  We believe beers should be sessionable, local and enjoyed fresh. Our beers encourage drinkers to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. From our Strawberry Rhubarb Sour to our Milk Stout, we believe we have a beer for everyone.

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The Core Range



4.2% ABV 

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour is a kettle sour beer made using Maleny Dairies natural yoghurt as the souring culture. Then stewed rhubarb and strawberries were added into the fermenter during secondary fermentation. The resulting beer is light pink in colour and has strawberries on the nose but the taste is anything but sweet. Strong berry flavours develop into sour rhubarb and finish nice and dry.



4.5% ABV 
Our HPA is crisp and juicy, with slightly more malt profile than most pale ales. The aroma leaps from the glass from the all new NZ hop profile of Hort 4337 & Motueka, providing a juicy mouthfeel and a firm, crisp finish with a touch of resin. A perfect Pale Ale for a cold night in the hills or a warm day on the beach.


4.6% ABV
Maleny is known for its beautiful rolling hills, clean crisp air and soft water. So it seemed fitting to name our Lager after the picturesque place we call home. This is a real lager, made with the best ingredients and a lot of patience. It’s clean and crisp, but with a mouthfeel that you don’t get from a filtered beer. Instead of filtering, we honour the traditional German technique of ‘lagering’. This is where we store the beer cold (0-2 degrees) inside one of our fermenters for 2 months. The resulting beer is a light golden colour, with a gentle spiciness from the Czech Saaz hops and a balanced sweetness from the Pilsner malt. There is nowhere to hide flaws in a lager and we are proud to take no shortcuts in making this traditional lager that showcases the craft behind good beer.


6.2% ABV
A light golden malt bill of 2-row barley and vienna malts set the backbone of this beer. Large additions of El Dorado and Citra are added late to ensure this one is aromatic, fresh and juicy. Don’t expect any lingering bitterness as that isn’t our style. We believe hops should be punchy and fresh! Long live the sessionable IPA!


3.5% ABV
Our brewpub is situated in the picturesque town of Maleny which means that a lot of our visitors are day-trippers and need to be able to drive home. The Middle of the Road was made to ensure these designated drivers didn't have to miss out. And this beer is anything other than a bland mid-strength! It pours a light golden, straw colour but a large portion of rolled oats and wheat malts give this beer body and texture far above it’s ABV. Then a generous dose of Amarillo on the dry-hop provides a lovely citrus, peach nose that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more!


4.8% ABV
Stout with added Lactose
Our milk stout pours beautifully dark with a burnt caramel coloured head. The aroma has distinct roast malt notes with hints of smoke. Lactose is added to ensure a smooth medium body to balance the roasted malt. And a clean sweet finish ensures this is an easy drinker and a stout for all seasons at 4.8%.


5.9% ABV
Batch- splitting is something we love to do at Brouhaha. It allows us to constantly experiment and add variety to our lineup. The raspberry saison starts out in the same tank as the dry- hopped version however, at the end of primary fermentation we split it off into a seperate tank and add 100kg of Australian raspberries. The active yeast ferments out the sugar in the raspberries, which increases the alcohol slightly. It is a cloudy pink colour, which comes from the juice of the raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries balances beautifully with the apple and pear flavours of the yeast. This beer takes me fondly back to my childhood picking raspberries in my Grandma’s garden.