Born in Maleny

Our Story

In 2016, four Sunny Coast locals set out to build their ultimate brewpub.

Mates Julian, Jeff, Dave and Matt banded together, fusing their passion for beer with their love of the land and deep connection with the community that raised them. 

Setting themselves up in the hinterland of Maleny, Brouhaha was birthed - a modest, no-fuss brewery where high quality craft beer met with fresh, local produce for patrons near and far.

Cut to today, Brouhaha has grown to be much more than the four beer fanatics could have imagined - with award-winning brews, a loyal following and growing demand that saw capacity reached in just three years of opening.

With that, Brouhaha embarked on its next journey.

Descending from the mountains and landing itself closer to the ocean, inland from Caloundra in the Aura district in Baringa, Brouhaha Sunshine Coast opened its kegs to wider Queensland and Australia.

The expansion allows the team to realise their dreams of becoming nationally recognised, while continuing to provide an excellent local experience.

The vision was lofty, and Brouhaha Sunshine Coast meets these grand ambitions with a laid-back sensibility. Our ethos, foundations and local supplier focus still ring true.  

Brouhaha now operates two bars at both locations, with Maleny acting as pilot lab for seasonal creations, and Sunshine Coast acting as a production brewery, world-class taproom and an immersive bar that operates production tours. 

The journey has been made possible with the help and support of our families and staff, our incredible suppliers and our valued customers, who have supported Brouhaha along the way

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  • Matt Jancauskas


  • Becks Smedley

    Venue Manager

  • Toby Stodart

    Marketing Event Coordinator

  • Phil Kerkow

    Head Chef

  • Thijmen Obbink


  • Hayden Baker

    Brewer Assistant

  • Maleny

    Where it all began. The true Hinterland Brouhaha experience. Fresh local produce paired with small-batch craft beer. 

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  • Sunshine Coast

    Production brewery and tap house. Coastal fresh vibes paired with award-winning beers.

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