Meet Tobias

Meet Tobias

A little bit about Tobias

Our Head Brewer Tobias Alcorn, from Country SA has a long list of previous roles and talents.

After working in industries of, aluminium extrusion, pest control and doing contract building work, Tobias injured his back quite severely and couldn’t continue in those lines of work. Luckily for us his Brother In-law gave him a lead to Chateau Tanunda and his beer journey had begun.

Working in the cellar at Chateau Tanunda, Tobias began brewing all grain home brew while running the barrel washer. The kit was made of old kegs converted into mash tun and boil pots, the massive cellar of Chateau Tanunda providing a stable temperature to ferment.

During this 3.5 year period he also got to know the local brewery Barossa Valley Brewing and began talking to them about possible jobs in the industry.
Tobias started at Barossa Valley Brewing 2 days a week and went back to contract building. Just 3 months into this new role the brewer left the brewery and he was thrown into the deep end.

Working with Brewer Tom O’Reilly and trainee Brewer Aaron Payne they grew Barossa valley brewing into maximum production, winning multiple awards in the AIBA. Aaron made the move to Ballistic Beer Co. and Tobias followed him up 6 months later.

Ballistic grew rapidly and Tobias quickly became the Packaging Manager / Maintenance Manager. In his 2 years at Ballistic the company grew to over 1 million litres a year. A move to the Sunshine Coast bought Tobias to Brouhaha and he is our Head Brewer, Production Manager, Fixer of things and an awesome man to have running our brewery. Long live King Ginger…


The big question. What's his favourite beer?

As a brewer I don’t really have a favorite beer, I usually move from one style to another... one month searching for hops the next looking for the best Pale. At the moment I what like is traditional style lagers, Clean, Crisp, no ferment faults and holding that beautiful fluffy white head.

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    4B Session Ale
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    Maleny Lager