Meet Julian

Meet Julian

This is Julian, he is the owner and director of Brouhaha. Born and raised in the Wheatbelt of WA in a town with 3 houses and 1 pub he was destined to be in the beer game!

Moving from Australia to Saudi Arabia as a teenager, Julian spent his formative years in a strict Muslim Country (absolutely NO alcohol!). This triggered the first attempt at brewing. Using a slab of non-alcoholic WA Swan Larger, a clean bin, sugar and smuggled Champagne Yeast, the fun began.

Julian was then shipped off to a British boarding school. 4 years in a new culture and then 5 years at a London Medical school instilled hard work but great times - always associated with mates, sport, pubs and beers. He then married the most gorgeous Jill and started 2 dental surgeries in London. 2001 with 3 children in tow they uprooted and moved to the Sunshine Coast on the other side of the world.

Again, dentistry became the staple. But he really missed pubs and the general quality of European beers and felt the beer scene on the Sunny Coast was missing something. So, in 2016 Brouhaha was born. With a few mates and high hopes they started our brew pub in Maleny. The intention was to make a brouhaha with the local beer scene, and they succeeded!

Brouhaha was the 3rd or 4th brewery on the Sunshine Coast when it was launched. Move to today, and the Coast is blessed with over 20 breweries! We are in the burgeoning beer capital of Australia.

Julian decided to leave dentistry behind in 2021 to focus on Brouhaha and with Jill took the opportunity to become sole owners in 2022. Soon after the fabulous Brouhaha team won Best Sour in Australia at the Indie Awards.

We are all excited to see where the Julian adventure tour takes the Brouhaha family next.

The big question. What's his favourite beer?

If I have been working on my farm nothing better to refresh than Strawberry Rhubarb Sour. But living in Maleny without Uber, the go to for me is the well rounded Hinterland Pale. Our unsung hero!

  • 4B Session Ale

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    4B Session Ale
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Sour

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    Strawberry Rhubarb Sour
  • Coastal Mid

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    Coastal Mid
  • Maleny Lager

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    Maleny Lager