September 27, 2017

Why we can our beer

When it came to packaging our beer for distribution, it was no question that we were going to the can.

Why the can you ask? Great question!!

There are many reasons why we landed on the decision to use the tinny over the stubby.

Fresh is best!!
Beer hates sunlight and oxygen. The exposure of beer to sunlight can create a chemical reaction that will make the beer smell “skunky”. The exposure of beer to UV light produces a chemical reaction which turns chemicals extracted from hops into the same chemicals skunks spray when they are attacked.

Thanks to a “double crimped” airtight seal, cans are subject to lower oxygen levels than that of a bottle. When a beer starts to develop a stale taste, this is generally due to oxidisation. Depending on the type of beer, oxidisation can show as a pappery taste or just a dull tasting beer.

Better for the planet
The jury may still be out on which is, overall, a more environmentally friendly option; cans or bottles. However, cans do have their benefits. The average aluminium can is made with 70 percent recycled material, which is three times more than a glass bottle. And for an added bonus, you are 20% more likely to recycle your tinny than you are your stubby. So, well done you!!

Great travel companion

Compared to bottles, cans are less fragile, lighter, easier to store, require less packaging and take up a smaller footprint. Add all these things up; this results in a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to distribution. It takes less work to distribute the same amount of cans as it does for bottles. This is not only good for us as a business but also better for the environment.

While bottles do have their pros, for most and more and more brewers, cans are the way to go.

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