November 1, 2018

Queensland Container Refund Scheme

Brouhaha Brewery Cans craft beer design

Today (November 1st) the Queensland Government has rolled out their Container Refund Scheme (CRS). This is a recycling initiative that encourages Queenslander’s to drop off their eligible containers to one of the 230 Container Refund Points throughout the state in exchange for 10c.

The CRS is a fantastic initiative to encourage Queenslander’s to improve our poor recycling habits. This 10c cost involved in the CRS is charged to the manufacturer of the beverage. We fully support any attempt to improve our state’s sustainability and recycling efforts; however, we are disappointed with the execution of this scheme. In particular, the fact that other beverages are exempt despite being packaged in the same container as beer.

We are a small, independently owned brewery and this cost will considerably affect us. We are therefore unable to absorb this extra cost and will, unfortunately, have to pass it on to our loyal consumers. We are in the process of updating our can labels to include the “10c refund” logo, but in the interim, the 10c refund still applies to eligible containers that do not show the logo.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do here at Brouhaha. We consider ourselves very fortunate to live and work in Maleny and we want to do our bit to conserve it for future generations.

You can find out more about the CRS here or here, send them an email at or call 13 42 42.