Raspberry Saison 24pk

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Beer Style: Saison- meaning ‘season’ in French is a Belgian style Pale Ale. It was brewed for the seasonal workers to enjoy while picking fruit in the summer months and is characterised by those lovely fruity, spicy flavours.
Tasting Notes: A cloudy pink colour with a tartness that balances with the French Saison yeast. Big raspberry nose and palate from the 120kg of Australian raspberries added into secondary fermentation (once all the malt sugars have been consumed). *There is multiple different strains of Saison yeast. This one is characterised by its ‘apple and pear’ flavours. Other strains are known for their coriander seeds, orange zest and other spice-like flavours.

Beer Style: Saison - meaning ‘season’ in French is a Belgian style Pale Ale.
Fruit: 100kg Raspberry Puree per 1500L Batch
Vegan Friendly: Yes
Gluten-Free: No