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Middle of the Road – Malt Profiles

Our Middle of the Road is a 3.5% Pale Ale, brewed with “Lift Legends” in mind. Brouhaha Brewery is located in Maleny, and we get a lot of day-trippers making the journey to our brewery. We didn’t want those driving to miss out and be able to have a beer (responsibly). The malt bill of the Middle of the Road is Pilsner, Wheat, US Ale, Oats. When brewing this beer, we wanted it to have more body and mouthfeel than your usual mid-strength beer. We were able to achieve this through the selection of malts and the use of oats.


Pilsner Malt:
Made from two-row barley, this is a lightly kilned malt which adds a light malty flavour, minimal sweetness, a light pale colour, body and head retention.

Wheat Malt:
Made from malted wheat (surprising), this malt adds body and head retention to the beer along with a clean wheaty flavour.

American Ale Malt:
This is a malt that adds body and a clean maltiness without that extra toasted flavour.

Adding oats to the mash help increase the mouthfeel of the beer while keeping the alcohol content down.

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