Brouhaha Brewery Tropic Thunder

Hop Nation x Brouhaha Brewery Good Beer Week Collab

While travelling through Melbourne for Good Beer Week, Matt stopped in at a few of our fellow Calibre Beer brewery, Hop Nation, to say G’day. After a few beers and some great beer chat, they decided that it would be a great idea to collaborate on their next brew. After some brainstorming and a few more beers, they landed on the “Tropic Thunder”, a Pineapple and Passionfruit Kettle Sour. Using our favourite souring agent, Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt, Matt and the Hop Nation gang got to work.

After what seems like forever, this delicious collaborative brewing effort is finally about to be released to the public. Wandering Cooks will be hosting the official Launch Party on Friday at 4 pm. Matt and Sam, from Hop Nation, will be there to help celebrate the launch. We will also be pouring the Tropic Thunder at our bar when we get a spare tap!

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