November 11, 2019

Brouhaha Brews Beer for Saccharomyces’ Sensational Celebrations

Brouhaha Brews Beer for Saccharomyces' Sensational Celebrations

What does a Brisbane craft beer institution do to celebrate their fourth birthday? Team up with Brouhaha Brewery to brew a birthday beer of course!

In early October, the Saccharomyces’ Beer Cafe crew travelled up to Maleny and teamed up Brouhaha Brewery to brainstorm a few ideas for their birthday collab. After many ideas were thrown around, and a few beers were thrown back, they finished on a double dry-hopped, double fruited New England IPA.

Saccharomyces’ concept behind the beer was a simple one, two plus two equals four. Double fruit and double dry hop, one delicious NEIPA. This simple idea works great with the New England IPA beer style and is a perfect celebration of Saccharomyces’ fourth birthday.

After many different fruit combinations, the Saccharomyces’ and Brouhaha crew finished on a pineapple and raspberry, double dry-hopped Neipa, which will hit the 6.5% ABV mark.

The yet to be named NEIPA will be launched at Saccharomyces’ Beer Cafe at their Fourth Birthday Extravaganza on Saturday 16th November and will be available in kegs and distributed throughout South-East Queensland by our mates at Calibre Beer.