April 10, 2019

Brouhaha Brewery Collabs with Tallboy and Moose

Brouhaha Brewery Sunshine Coast Restaurant Tallboy and Moose make beer

Last week Steve and Dan, from Melbourne’s Tallboy and Moose, stopped by Brouhaha Brewery to team up on brewing a very special beer. A Dry Hopped Peach Kveik IPA for their Fruit Blaser event for Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. Using a Norwegian yeast strain and after finding out that Roald Dahl Norwegian, it was a no brainer to affectionately call this collab “Jens & the Giant Peach”.

A little bit about Jens.

Brouhaha Brewery Sunshine Coast Restaurant Tallboy and Moose make beer

Jens is one fruity character! He had to be to fit into Tallboy and Moose’s Fruit Blaster event. And with 160kg of mouthwatering peach nectar added to a very hungry Kveik Yeast driven IPA, he sure lives up to his name. Weighing in at 6.5%, Jens and his Giant Peach will show up with some citrus orange and spice from the Kveik, followed with the delicious sweetness of Peach Nectar. Jens will not be lacking in hop characteristic, and you can expect that juicy goodness Brouhaha IPA’s are known for.

Why so Kveik?

Brouhaha Brewery Sunshine Coast Restaurant Collab Tallboy & Moose

Kveik yeast (pronounced ‘kwie-ick’ in English) is a non-purified generational yeast. Yeast strains have passed down through the generations in traditional Norwegian farmhouse breweries. For example, some Norwegian farmhouse brewers inherited the Kveik cultures and continue to brew using the yeast with traditional farmhouse methods.

Kveik yeast is something else! Brouhaha typically works with a yeast that ferments at 18 degrees and usually takes about four to five days to ferment. With Kveik, however, it is capable of fermenting in 24-48 hours!! WOW!! Now, that’s Kveik!!

Fruit Blaster and Melbs Good Beer Week

Jens & the Giant Peach will be one of the many fruity offerings on tap at the Tallboy and Moose Fruit Blaster event (Sat 11 May) at this year’s Good Beer Week in Melbourne. For more info and tickets head to this link.

Also, Brouhaha Brewery will be representing Queensland at The Park Hotel’s Queensland Pint of Origin. The taps at The Park Hotel will be flowing with Queensland foamy goodness from 10th to 19th of May. This is a free event and you can find out more about it here.

Brouhaha Brewery Sunshine Coast Restaurant Tallboy and Moose make beer