Brouhaha Brewery and Maleny Wagyu

At Brouhaha, our Head Chef, James Ostridge, and his team pride themselves on providing our guests with only the best locally sourced produce from the Maleny and Sunshine Coast Hinterland Regions. Maleny is a small community, and this shows not only through our relationships with our guests and suppliers but also through the partnerships that we have made with our food producers.

We have created a “circle of life” with our beef supplier, Maleny Wagyu. As grain is a byproduct of the brewing process, all of our spent grain, or mash, is sent to Ken at Maleny Waygu, who then uses it to finish off his cows. Once Ken’s cows are ready for sale, our Chefs head down to Maleny Wagyu, and personally, hand pick our next batch of fresh beef.

Maple Streets Meats help select the prime cuts and also make the delicious Brouhaha Milk Stout and Maleny Wagyu Bangers. With a “Snout to Tail” mentality, nothing goes to waste. All offcuts are used to create a Brouhaha Dog food.

So next time you come into Brouhaha Brewery to sip on a beer and enjoy a steak or Brouhaha Milk Stout and Maleny Wagyu Bangers, know that every beer that you enjoy is just one small, but a valuable step, in the process of producing some of Maleny’s best Waygu Beef. Because the beer that you drink, help creates the grain that help feeds the cows that end up feeding you.

So enjoy that Brouhaha Beer! You have earnt it!


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