Brouhaha Brewery & 3 Ravens Brew Day

We have all dreamt of owning a craft brewery and living the glamorous life of an independent brewer. On Saturday 1 July, we let 11 lucky blokes live out this dream, but making wake up before the sun and get to the brewery at 6 am on a cold Maleny morning.

These guys were going to take part in a Collab Brew, organised by Calibre Craft Beer Trading Co., between Matt and Ben from Brouhaha and Brendan from 3 Ravens (Vic). The brew was a New England Style IPA, which will be the first of its kind brewed in the Brouhaha Brewery.

The boys were set to work from the moment the stepped through the door with the important brewing task of grating orange zest and juicing oranges and eating croissants. They were walked through the brewing process by the three brewers and gained a little bit of knowledge and insight on the way through.

After completing all the hard work, everyone got to taste a few fantastic brews that Brendan brought up with him from Victoria and got the chance to pick his brain for brewing pointers.

This was the first of these days we have done at Brouhaha, but it most definitely won’t be the last. We are sorry if you miss out this time, with spots filling within 6 hours. Keep your eyes posted for our next brew day. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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