New Brouhaha Brewery Brewsvegas Apricot Sour

To help celebrate another excellent year of Brewsvegas, we have brewed a limited edition fruited sour that we will be released at the Woolly Mammoth & Calibre Beer Block Party.

Our little Sunshine Coast Brewery has dreamed up a delicious Apricot Sour, using Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt as a souring agent and apricot puree to add flavour and a little secondary fermentation.

This delicious sour will be available in kegs at selected bars from Sunday 18 March. We will also be pouring it at Brouhaha Brewery…….. when a tap becomes available (so many beers, only ten taps).


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Friday Live Music at Brouhaha Brewery

We all love the weekend. But we have something better!!!!!

“What could be better than the weekend??” you ask.

Live music and cheap jugs!!!

Every Friday afternoon from 4 to 7 pm, we have live music from local musicians around the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. We also have a special on our Middle of the Road Jugs from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Only available on Friday afternoons between 3 pm and 6 pm.



It is that time of year again!! The time of year where Australia votes for the best of the best in 2017. Triple J has got the Hottest 100 tunes of 2017 covered And the Great Australian Beer Spectacular (or GABS for short) takes care of the Hottest 100 Craft Beers Australia had to offer in 2017. With Stone and Wood, Pirate Life and Feral Brewing taking out first, second and third respectively in 2016 Hottest 100 Craft Beers, and a lot of other breweries producing some outstanding brews, there is some fierce competition out there this year.

A lot of great things happened to Brouhaha in 2016. Sadly, making the Gabs Hottest 100 Craft Beers list was not one of them. Still, we carry on and hold our heads and beers high, with the optimism that we are in for a real shot this year.

We have entered three beers into this years voting pool. Our Raspberry Saison, Milk Stout, and our Raisin Hell Rum Raisin Dubble (a beer we brewed for the 2016 GABS Festival. After a great 12 months of rigorous testing, tasting and questioning, we believe that these three beers give us the best chance of getting Brouhaha in the top 100 of Australia’s best Craft Beers. Voting has opened, and you can vote on this link here. But you must get in quick as voting closes on 19th January!!

And if you are feeling like trying before voting, head to our bookings page to book a table at our destination brewery located in Maleny.



Brouhaha Brewery Sours & Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt

Diving into the world of craft beer is an eye-opening experience and adventure in itself. Once you have fought your way through all those so-called “Craft Beers” secretly owned by the big two, you discover a world of beer that you would never have imagined. In this world, the style and flavours of beer are only limited by the imagination of the brewer.

One such beer for Brouhaha is our Strawberry and Rhubarb Sour, which is soured with the help of our friends at Maleny Dairies and their Natual Yoghurt. The live cultures are found in Natural Yoghurt are what give it it’s magical souring power.

What started out as a desperate attempt to save our first sour brew, turned into a partnership that is anything but sour.

To brew our first kettle sour ale, Matt had ordered live cultures from America, which were held up in quarantine. By the time they had reached the brewery, they had died and were no longer able to work their magic. After a week of sleepless nights checking on the beer every couple of hours, hoping that the beer had soured. Matt decided that the live cultures in Maleny Dairies Yoghurt should do the trick.

After a trip to the IGA and setting the kettle to perfect conditions for the cultures to thrive, Matt threw in a tub of Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt, with his fingers crossed. 36 hours later, the Lactobacillus did their thing and converted the sugars in the wort into lactic acid, which give the beer its sour sensation.

And now Maleny Dairies Natual Yoghurt now has a permanent spot on the recipe for all our sours. Keep an eye our in your bottle shops for our Strawberry Ruhbarb Sour, which is available in cans.

Can’t find them?? Or want them in your shop or on your tap?? Get in contact with Calibre Craft Beer Traders.


Exciting things are on the horizon.

2017 has been a massive year for us. We started canning our beautifully brewed beer. We got our takeaway licence and are now able to sell and fill growlers from the brewery. We won Best Brewery at the Inaugural events night of the converted The Beeries Awards. Attended countless festivals, brewed countless collabs (shout out to Kaiju, 3 Ravens and all you North Side Brissie bars.), celebrated our 1st Birthday and took home some medals from the CBA.

As 2017 draws to a close, at Brouhaha, we are taking a moment to stop. Enjoy a beer. Take a deep breath and look at everything that we have achieved over the last year, before we dive, head first, into 2018.

Stop. Breathe in. Observe. Sip. Breathe out.

Okay. That’s a good enough moment. Let’s move on.

Now that we are finished reminiscing, it is time to look forward. And, boy, do we have a lot to look forward to at Brouhaha. 2018 will bring a (small, but still significant) expansion to our brewery. We will be adding three new fermentation tanks, which will allow us to ramp up our production, help extend our distribution and let the boys in the brewery have a bit of fun with some excellent new beers. We will also be Collabing with another Sunny Coast small business, in which we are super excited about (it may or may not include barrels). And there are also plans to ramp up our canning with the increase fermentation space!!

A lot of exciting things plans.


Why we can our beer

When it came to packaging our beer for distribution, it was no question that we were going to the can.

Why the can you ask? Great question!!

There are many reasons why we landed on the decision to use the tinny over the stubby.

Fresh is best!!
Beer hates sunlight and oxygen. The exposure of beer to sunlight can create a chemical reaction that will make the beer smell “skunky”. The exposure of beer to UV light produces a chemical reaction which turns chemicals extracted from hops into the same chemicals skunks spray when they are attacked.

Thanks to a “double crimped” airtight seal, cans are subject to lower oxygen levels than that of a bottle. When a beer starts to develop a stale taste, this is generally due to oxidisation. Depending on the type of beer, oxidisation can show as a pappery taste or just a dull tasting beer.

Better for the planet
The jury may still be out on which is, overall, a more environmentally friendly option; cans or bottles. However, cans do have their benefits. The average aluminium can is made with 70 percent recycled material, which is three times more than a glass bottle. And for an added bonus, you are 20% more likely to recycle your tinny than you are your stubby. So, well done you!!

Great travel companion

Compared to bottles, cans are less fragile, lighter, easier to store, require less packaging and take up a smaller footprint. Add all these things up; this results in a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to distribution. It takes less work to distribute the same amount of cans as it does for bottles. This is not only good for us as a business but also better for the environment.

While bottles do have their pros, for most and more and more brewers, cans are the way to go.


Brouhaha’s first trip to the CBA

After just having our 1st birthday, we made our first trip to the CBIA Craft Beer Awards. And we didn’t come home empty handed!!!

We submitted nine beers to compete against more than 500 different beer in 8 different categories and came home with two silvers and four bronze medals. Unfortunately, we were unable to submit all our beers, like our Raspberry Saison, due to them being in such high demand. We are stoked with these results and look forward to being able to put forward our full range next year!!

New Zealand Pale Ale
Strawberry Rhubarb Sour

American Pale Ale Citra
American Pale Ale El Dorado
Dry Hopped Sour
Russian Imperial Stout


Brouhaha Brewery and Maleny Wagyu

At Brouhaha, our Head Chef, James Ostridge, and his team pride themselves on providing our guests with only the best locally sourced produce from the Maleny and Sunshine Coast Hinterland Regions. Maleny is a small community, and this shows not only through our relationships with our guests and suppliers but also through the partnerships that we have made with our food producers.

We have created a “circle of life” with our beef supplier, Maleny Wagyu. As grain is a byproduct of the brewing process, all of our spent grain, or mash, is sent to Ken at Maleny Waygu, who then uses it to finish off his cows. Once Ken’s cows are ready for sale, our Chefs head down to Maleny Wagyu, and personally, hand pick our next batch of fresh beef.

Maple Streets Meats help select the prime cuts and also make the delicious Brouhaha Milk Stout and Maleny Wagyu Bangers. With a “Snout to Tail” mentality, nothing goes to waste. All offcuts are used to create a Brouhaha Dog food.

So next time you come into Brouhaha Brewery to sip on a beer and enjoy a steak or Brouhaha Milk Stout and Maleny Wagyu Bangers, know that every beer that you enjoy is just one small, but a valuable step, in the process of producing some of Maleny’s best Waygu Beef. Because the beer that you drink, help creates the grain that help feeds the cows that end up feeding you.

So enjoy that Brouhaha Beer! You have earnt it!



Brouhaha Brewery & 3 Ravens Brew Day

We have all dreamt of owning a craft brewery and living the glamorous life of an independent brewer. On Saturday 1 July, we let 11 lucky blokes live out this dream, but making wake up before the sun and get to the brewery at 6 am on a cold Maleny morning.

These guys were going to take part in a Collab Brew, organised by Calibre Craft Beer Trading Co., between Matt and Ben from Brouhaha and Brendan from 3 Ravens (Vic). The brew was a New England Style IPA, which will be the first of its kind brewed in the Brouhaha Brewery.

The boys were set to work from the moment the stepped through the door with the important brewing task of grating orange zest and juicing oranges and eating croissants. They were walked through the brewing process by the three brewers and gained a little bit of knowledge and insight on the way through.

After completing all the hard work, everyone got to taste a few fantastic brews that Brendan brought up with him from Victoria and got the chance to pick his brain for brewing pointers.

This was the first of these days we have done at Brouhaha, but it most definitely won’t be the last. We are sorry if you miss out this time, with spots filling within 6 hours. Keep your eyes posted for our next brew day. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Brouhaha Brewery’s First Birthday

It is hard to believe that only 12 months ago we opened our doors and poured our first beer! Since that time, we have poured over 30,000 litres of beer through our taps, brewed more than 30 different types of beers, started canning and have been distributed to more than 60 different bars, pubs and bottle shops throughout Australia and Internationally.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished over the last year and wanted to celebrate it in style. On Saturday, 17 of June, we celebrated our first birthday in by inviting our collab breweries, our local suppliers, musicians and everyone and anyone who wanted to celebrate with us to our little craft beer haven in Maleny.

We were so excited to be able to show off our two Collab American Pale Ale that we brewed with some of the best breweries in South East Queensland. From the Sunshine Coast, Your Mates, Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours, Sunshine Brewery and Mcleod’s all got together to create an American Pale Ale that will outshine them all. To make sure that this was no easy feat, Brisbane breweries Aether, Newstead, Brisbane and 4 Hearts Brewing Co. answered the call to brew an APA to make sure that the Sunny Coast beer didn’t go unanswered.

Our local pork supplier, Rhodavale Pork, supplied us with a mouth watering pork leg which we roasted up overnight, to pair nicely with either of the Collab APA’s.

Four local musicians graced the “stage” throughout the day. The Max Sportelli Jazz Trio eased us into the day with some upbeat jazz. Richo Richardson then amped things up a little with his honest, raw & gutsy country tunes. The Denis Sister’s then blessed the stage and showed us that age and size have no limit on musical ability! And as the day began to wind down, Kelly Cork played some acoustic tunes to wind down with it.

It was such a fantastic day to help celebrate a very successful first year of brewing beer and making food. We would love to thank everyone who made the trip to celebrate with us. As well as everyone who has ever walked through our door or tried our beer either from a bottle-o or a tap and to all our stockists. Thank you so much for such an excellent year.

And here’s to many more!!