Brouhaha Brewery Carwyn Cellars Cherry Sour

Christmas Sour with Carwyn Cellars

An Australian Christmas would not be the same without rolling thunderstorms, sweltering heat and a delicious thirst quenching beer. We have had the storms and are starting to get a glimpse of the heat to come. All we need now is a thirst quenching beer.

Luckily for you, we have teamed up with Carwyn Cellars to brew an Exclusive Christmas Seasonal Sour. Enter the Brouhaha and Carwyn Cellars Cheery Sour! What is more Christmas than a big bowl of cherries! A big glass of a delicious cherry sour sitting right next to it.

We added 60kgs of cherry pureé to our Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt Sour at secondary fermentation. The addition of the puree adds a beautiful Cherry aroma aided with a subtle sweet cherry pallet with that classic sour finish.

This beer will only be available in two locations. Our brewpub, up in the hills of Maleny. Or at Carwyn Cellars in Thornbury, Victoria. This brew is in limited supply and is not guaranteed to wait around until Christmas.

Brouhaha Brewery Carwyn Cellars Cherry Sour Design