Brouhaha Brewery Sours & Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt

Diving into the world of craft beer is an eye-opening experience and adventure in itself. Once you have fought your way through all those so-called “Craft Beers” secretly owned by the big two, you discover a world of beer that you would never have imagined. In this world, the style and flavours of beer are only limited by the imagination of the brewer.

One such beer for Brouhaha is our Strawberry and Rhubarb Sour, which is soured with the help of our friends at Maleny Dairies and their Natual Yoghurt. The live cultures are found in Natural Yoghurt are what give it it’s magical souring power.

What started out as a desperate attempt to save our first sour brew, turned into a partnership that is anything but sour.

To brew our first kettle sour ale, Matt had ordered live cultures from America, which were held up in quarantine. By the time they had reached the brewery, they had died and were no longer able to work their magic. After a week of sleepless nights checking on the beer every couple of hours, hoping that the beer had soured. Matt decided that the live cultures in Maleny Dairies Yoghurt should do the trick.

After a trip to the IGA and setting the kettle to perfect conditions for the cultures to thrive, Matt threw in a tub of Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt, with his fingers crossed. 36 hours later, the Lactobacillus did their thing and converted the sugars in the wort into lactic acid, which give the beer its sour sensation.

And now Maleny Dairies Natual Yoghurt now has a permanent spot on the recipe for all our sours. Keep an eye our in your bottle shops for our Strawberry Ruhbarb Sour, which is available in cans.

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