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Since our brewery opened its doors in June 2016, we have brewed over 30 different styles of beer. After some testing, refining, brewing, tasting, more brewing and more tasting, we have narrowed our core range down to eight beers which are available all year round. We believe we have created a core range that is diverse, encourage beer exploration, while still being approachable to new beer drinkers.

Along with our core range, our brewers love to try something a little bit different. We have a variety of Seasonal, Collab and Limited Release beers. These beers are brewed throughout the year in a limited run to match the seasons and tastes of a quickly evolving craft beer industry.

We also have a list of beer that have Been and Gone. These are beers that were a huge success, but for one reason or another, we are not likely to brew them again.

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3.5% ABV

Oatmeal Pale Ale

Our brewpub is situated in the picturesque town of Maleny which means that a lot of our visitors are day-trippers and need to be able to drive home. The Middle of the Road was made to ensure these designated drivers didn’t have to miss out. And this beer is anything other than a bland mid-strength! It pours a light golden, straw colour but a significant portion of rolled oats and wheat malts give this beer body and texture far above it’s ABV. Then a generous dose of Amarillo on the dry-hop provides lovely citrus, peach nose that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more!

Yeast: US-05

Hops: El Dorado, Centennial

Dry Hop: El Dorado

Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, US Ale, Oats

Package: Kegs, Cans,


4.6% ABV


Maleny is known for its beautiful rolling hills, clean, crisp air and soft water. So it seemed fitting to name our Lager after the picturesque place we call home. This is a real lager, made with the best ingredients and a lot of patience. It’s clean and crisp, but with a mouthfeel that you don’t get from a filtered beer. Instead of filtering, we honour the traditional German technique of ‘lagering’. This is where we store the beer cold (0-2 degrees) inside one of our fermenters for 2 months. The resulting beer is a light golden colour, with a gentle spiciness from the Czech Saaz hops and a balanced sweetness from the Pilsner malt. There is nowhere to hide flaws in a lager, and we are proud to take no shortcuts in making this traditional lager that showcases the craft behind great beer.

Yeast: German W34-70

Hops: Saaz

Malt: Pilsner, Munich

Package: Kegs, Cans,


4.5% ABV

Pale Ale

Brouhaha’s New Zealand Pale Ale packs all NZ hops and malts. It pours a lovely golden orange colour, with a tightly packed white head. The healthy doses of NZ hops at regular intervals throughout the brewing process give it a very juicy, tropical, citrus nose. A light, smooth palate, aided by the addition of wheat malts ensures the hops are well balanced. A moderate bitterness and juicy hop portfolio make this an extremely sessional pale ale.

Yeast: US-05

Hops: Pacifica, Kohatu, Brooklyn

Malt: Ale, Pilsner, Light Crystal & Wheat

Package: Kegs, Cans,


5.9% ABV

Fruited French Saison

Batch- splitting is something we love to do at Brouhaha. It allows us to experiment and add variety to our lineup constantly. The raspberry saison starts out in the same tank as the dry- hopped version, however, at the end of primary fermentation we split it off into a separate tank and add 100kg of Australian raspberries. The active yeast ferments out the sugar in the raspberries, which increases the alcohol slightly. It is a cloudy pink colour, which comes from the juice of the raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries balances beautifully with the apple and pear flavours of the yeast. This beer takes me fondly back to my childhood picking raspberries in my Grandma’s garden.

Yeast: French Saison

Hops: El Dorado

Malt: Pilsner, Wheat & Munich

Fruit: Australian Raspberry

Package: Kegs, Cans,


4.8% ABV

Stout with Lactose Addition

Our milk stout pours beautifully dark with a burnt caramel coloured head. The aroma has distinct roast malt notes with hints of chocolate, coffee and smoke. Lactose is added to ensure a smooth medium body to balance the roasted malt. And a clean, sweet finish provides an easy drinker and a stout for all seasons at 4.8%.

Yeast: US-05

Hops: Brooklyn

Malt: Ale, Pilsner, Light Crystal & Wheat

Addition: Lactose powder

Package: Kegs, Cans,


4.2% ABV

Fruited Kettle Sour

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour is a kettle sour beer made using Maleny Dairies natural yoghurt as the souring culture. Then stewed rhubarb and strawberries were added into the fermenter during secondary fermentation. The resulting beer is light pink in colour and has strawberries on the nose, but the taste is anything but sweet. Robust berry flavours develop into sour rhubarb with a dry finish.

Yeast: US-05

Hops: Topaz

Malt: Lager Light & Wheat

Fruit: Strawberry & Rhubarb

Package: Kegs, Cans,


6.2% ABV

West Coast Style India Pale Ale

A light golden malt bill of 2-row barley & Vienna malts allow the hops to shine. Substantial additions of El Dorado & Citra are added late to ensure fresh aroma & juiciness. Don’t expect any lingering bitterness as that isn’t our style. Pour into a glass and enjoy this one fresh!

Yeast: US-05

Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Brooklyn & Chinook 

Dry Hop: Amarillo & El Dorado

Malt: US Ale, Ale, Light Crystal  & Munich

Package: Kegs, Cans,


8.5% ABV

Double American India Pale Ale

This is essentially an IPA on steroids. Increased ABV. Double the hop bill. But still far too easy to drink! A pale malt bill allows these huge American hops to shine. We have double dry-hopped this beast with Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe and then left it for an extended period of cold-conditioning to balance it all out. Patience has made sure this beer drinks far too smoothly for its 8.5%. But beware, these won’t just sneak up on you…

Yeast: US-05

Hops: Chinook, Amarillo & Simcoe 

Dry Hop: Chinook & Amarillo

Malt: US Ale, Ale, Light Crystal  & Gladiator

Package: Kegs, Cans,



6.7% ABV

New England Style India Pale Ale

This is our fourth iteration of the New England IPA style, but our first to contain no fruit. But don’t stress, it is still more than juicy enough! Huge dry-hop additions of Citra, El Dorado and Motueka impart generous citrus and lime characteristics that draw you in from across the room. Think hops, hops and more hops. Oh and haze. Lots of haze….

Package: Keg and cans (when available)


4.2% ABV

Apricot Fruited Kettle Sour

Brewed for Brewsvegas 2018 with Calibre and Woolly Mammoth this beer is the feature at the Calibre Block Party. This is exactly what it promises to be. Full of apricot and refreshingly sour. It pours thick and hazy and has an almost prosperous orange glow. Over 200kg of Apricot Puree was added (in 1500L of beer) and it shows! A huge apricot nose draws you in and then a delicious sweetness in the mid palette blends through to a sharp, tart finish from the lactobacillus. This is incredibly refreshing and sessional on a warm summer’s day. Enjoy it while it lasts because I don’t think there are enough apricots in the world to make this again….
Package: Keg and cans (when available)


5.7% ABV

French Saison

Like any great Saison, this beer is all about showcasing the yeast strain. Apples, pears, orange peel and a hint of funk are blended beautifully into the nose of this ale. It pours a lovely, hazy golden colour with a fine, white head. This beer ferments nice and low, but the remaining yeast in suspension and wheat and Munich malts give this beer a very rounded body and texture. A light drop-hop of Motueka adds a crisp, citrus spice with complements the yeast strain perfectly.

Package: Keg and cans (when available)


6.5% ABV

Fruited New England Style India Pale Ale

To say this beer is hazy is an understatement! Huge dry- hop additions of Citra, El Dorado and Motueka impart citrus and lime characteristics which complement the additions of grapefruit. Think hops, hops more hops. And then some balanced acidity and bitterness from the grapefruit and you have yourself one hell of a haze craze!

Package: Keg (when available)


5.8% ABV

Fruited French Saison

Our Raspberry Saison has become our flagship beer, but with the weather heating up we figured it was the perfect time to try a summery variation on our saison base. The idea of a Blood Orange Saison is one we had been throwing around since inception, and we had been itching at the opportunity to make it on a big scale. This beer pours a very full golden colour with hints of orange glistening through. But the aroma is where you really experience the blood orange juice. A fresh citrus whack oozes from the glass the minute you get close to it, with the saison yeast accompanying it beautifully on the mid palate. The fine carbonation and orange zest dance delicately on your tongue and leave you reaching for another gulp…

Package: Keg (when available)


5.8% ABV

Fruited New England Style India Pale Ale

A while ago we did a very limited batch of our standard IPA with a healthy addition of 13kg of hand-squeezed finger limes. It sold out within weeks, and since then we have been asked almost daily when it would return. We decided to re-brew it, but this time it is built on the backbone of our NEIPA recipe. To say this beer is hazy is an understatement! Substantial dry-hop additions of Citra and Motueka complement the known for their citrus and lime characteristics, complement the pink finger limes that were hand-squeezed and added into the fermenter in secondary fermentation. Think hops, hops more hops. And then some balanced acidity and bitterness from the finger limes. And you have yourself one hell of a haze craze!

Package: Keg (when available)



4.2% ABV

Nectarine Fruited Kettle Sour

What does a brewer do to celebrate his wedding? He brews a beer of course! Made to commemorate Matt’s (Head Brewer) marriage to Meg on Sep 22nd 2018, this beer is a kettle sour made using Maleny Dairies yoghurt as the souring culture. 160kg of puree’d nectarines are added to give a beautifully sweet, tropical contrast to the dry, sour finish. Till death do us tart…

Package: Kegs and cans (limited quantity)



6% ABV

Red India Pale Ale

A reddish-brown colour that comes from the use of shepherd’s delight and roast barley additions. There are hints of malt and roast notes on the nose, but then a big punch of citrus hops! A big dry hop of Motueka, mosaic and Amarillo ensure this is an IPA at heart. The gentle roastiness of the malts pair brilliantly with the generous hop additions to guarantee this finishes nice and dry, ensuring you keep coming back for more!


4.4% ABV

Dry Hopped American Wheat Ale

The American wheat ale is made for the Queensland summer. In the glass, it has a golden, straw-like haze to it that is representative of any un-filtered wheat beer. However, the use of a clean American yeast ensures the yeast takes the backseat to the hops in this one. With wheat malts making up over half of the malt bill, this ale has body and texture in spades. A heavy dry-hop of Amarillo and Topaz add a grassy, citrus nose that when paired with a low level of bitterness makes this the ultimate summer slammer.


4.7% ABV

English Amber Ale

An English- inspired amber ale that is all about the sweet, sweet malt. English ale, cara-amber, crystal and Munich malts make this a lovely toffee-coloured beer that smells like honey and caramel biscuits. It is lightly hopped with Brooklyn, Waimea and Motueka to balance out the sweetness of these beautiful specialty malts. However this is not about the hops, they play second fiddle to the smooth, sweet malts.


8.3% ABV

Imperial Stout

Rich, thick and smooth. Beautifully black in colour with a thick copper head. The English ale yeast presents itself beautifully on the nose before making way to the roast coffee and chocolate notes expected from this style. But overnight cold steeping of the dark malts ensures this beast is rich in colour and flavour but without those bitter, acrid notes that often accompany the style. This is seriously drinkable at 8.3% and is the perfect accompaniment on those cold nights.



5.8% ABV

India Pale Ale

A collaboration with Brisbane Northside Bars – Netherworld, The Scratch, The Mill, Zero Fox, Tapworks, Fitz & Potts and Brewski. The mission was to create an authentic American style IPA showcasing some of the best hops to come out of the Northern Hemisphere. And the excuse was to get some of the best bars in Brisbane together and have some fun doing it. Cascade, Centennial and Columbus are the three musketeers of American IPA’s, and this beer is all about them. Expect a balanced malt backbone that gives this beer its lovely amber colour and allows the oils of these hops to dance around on the tongue and leave you with a gentle bitterness that entices you back for more.


6.2% ABV

India French Saison

Kaiju! Beer and Brouhaha are both known for making cracking beers, but our own styles could not be more different from each other. And that is what made this collaboration so much fun as we really tried to both bring something to the table and make sure we were both represented in the final beer. Here at Brouhaha we are well known for our Saisons and Kaiju for their healthy doses of the finest hops! So a hoppy saison was the obvious choice! A huge whack of Nelson Sauvin hops on the nose confuse you into thinking this could easily be an IPA. But then the French Saison comes in through prominently in that mid palette and adds the fruity notes that complement the NZ hop bill. The more complex malt bill marries it all together and leaves you with a gentle bitter tickle that strongly suggests you should have another sip!


7.5% ABV

Fruited New England Style India Pale Ale

This beer is all about collaboration. With Brendan’s (3 Ravens) expertise in the NEIPA style, we set about creating ‘Juicy’ on fruit induced steroids. Brendan cropped off some yeast from their latest batch of ‘Juicy’ and flew it up under refrigeration especially for the brew. Then 13 lucky amateur brewers got busy zesting and the juice of 20kg of oranges added into the boil. Substantial whirlpool additions of Citra and El Dorado, followed by a pre-fermentation dry-hop and then our biggest dry-hop ever make this one beautifully aromatic beast. Then passionfruit and pineapple additions straight into the fermentor in secondary add the beautiful citrus, breakfast juice backbone. Eat your heart out Golden Circle, as this is Fruit Cup on steroids!


5.3% ABV

American Pale Ale

A healthy dose of Gladfield’s Supernova Malt provides the malty backbone to support this hop bill. Supernova was created to give the caramelised colour and flavour, without any cloying sweetness that is often present when using caramalts. Then healthy hot additions of Chinook, Citra and Mosaic ensure a pronounced but balanced bitterness. Then a double dry-hop of Citra and Mosaic create that fresh citrus nose that this style is renowned for! Hops: Citra, Chinook and Mosaic.

Brewed with Sunshine Brewery, Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours, Your Mates Brewery and MaCloud Brewing Company


5.3% ABV

American Pale Ale

A healthy dose of Gladfield’s Supernova Malt provides the malty backbone to support this hop bill. Supernova was created to give the caramelised colour and flavour, without any cloying sweetness that is often present when using caramalts. Then healthy hot additions of Centennial, El Dorado and Mosaic ensure a pronounced but balanced bitterness. Then a double dry-hop of El Dorado and Mosaic create that fresh citrus nose that this style is renowned for! Hops: El Dorado, Centennial and Mosaic.

Brewed with Aether Brewing, Brisbane Brewing Co, Newstead Brewing Co and 4 Hearts Brewing Co.



4.9% ABV

American Blonde Ale

The Blonde Ale is made to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime. It showcases the 4 natural ingredients for what they are. It is hopped only with German Hallertau hops and has a malt bill almost entirely made up of pilsner malt. But this isn’t your typical Blonde. A slightly higher fermentation temperature creates a yeast presence which adds another element to this style. And then an extended period of cold conditioning ensures a clean, crisp ale without any form of filtration.


6% ABV


The amount of times we have been asked “Do you have a lager?” over the bar at our brewpub is beyond count. And we have been looking forward to the challenge of making a lager since setting up our brewery in Maleny. However with tank space at such a premium in our brewery, ‘lagering’ a beer for 3 months has just been impossible to fit into the schedule. But when we were asked to brew a unique Oktoberfest lager as part of the Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Bavarian Brewing Competition, it was just too good to turn down. Our Oktoberfest beer is made entirely in the German purity law. We have sourced the finest German malts, noble hops and yeast and manipulated our water profile to make it as close to that of the clean, crisp water found in Munich. It then spent 3 months maturing at near freezing temperatures in one of our tanks. And the beer that results is clean, crisp and flavoursome. This beer is perfect for the Australian climate with the increased malt bill providing complexity and sweetness that is often missing in lower alcohol lagers. This beer will have you slamming stein after stein and screaming prost!


10% ABV

Belgian Dubbel with Ord River Rum and raisins

Brewed for GABS Festival 2017. A Belgian Dubbel aged on rum soaked American oak (Ord River Rum) with fresh raisins. The fruity spice from the classic Belgian yeast, complemented by vanilla and the sweet raisin. 15kg of raisins went into the mash, then another 10kg was added in secondary fermentation.


4.8% ABV

Fruited American Wheat Ale

A clean, simple malt bill and American yeast strain ensure this is all about the fruit. With 65kg of mango purée and 25kg of passionfruit juice added in secondary fermentation, there is nothing artificial about this. Fresh mango balances beautifully against the tartness of the passionfruit juice and makes for an unmistakable, tropical nose. But a gentle bitterness reminds you this ain’t no breakfast juice!


4.2% ABV

Fruited Kettle Sour

Lemon Aspen is an Australian bush fruit found in tropical North Queensland the adds strong lemon characteristic to this sour. On the palate shows hints of gum and eucalyptus with a fresh, clean finish, making this beer a perfect palate cleanser to start your tasting journey. This is a kettle-sour style, made using Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt. We use the active lactobacillus culture in the yoghurt to create the complex sourness in the beer. The Lactobacillus consume the sugar and produce lactic acid, then once the desired level of sourness has been reached we boil the wort and kill the lactobacillus to ensure the stability of the finished product.


4.2% ABV

Kettle Sour

This is a kettle-sour style, made using Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt. We use the active lactobacillus culture in the yoghurt to create the complex sourness in the beer. The Lactobacillus consume the sugar and produce lactic acid, then once the desired level of sourness has been reached we boil the wort and kill the lactobacillus to ensure the stability of the finished product. We then dry-hopped it with a healthy hit of Motueka to add a fresh, citrus zestiness. The finished beer is dry, thin and very refreshing! Best enjoyed on a hot day in a big glass!


4.9% ABV

Session India Pale Ale

The session IPA pours a light golden, straw colour. Heavy late hopping provides a fresh, summery nose of citrus, limes and a touch of earthiness. The malt bill is predominantly extra pale and pilsner malts which keeps it thin and dry and allows the hops to shine through. An initially sweet and fruity palate opens up to a high level of bitterness that finishes quite dry and bitter. Definitely one for the hop-heads.


4.2% ABV

Irish Red Ale

As the name promises, this ale pours a dark amber, red colour. And there are no prizes for guessing that this one is all about the malt. With shepherd’s delight, red back and English ale malts all appearing in large doses, there is no shortage of complexity to this malt profile. Fermenting this out with clean ale yeast and an extended cold conditioning period ensures a nice yeast profile without any off-flavours overpowering the hero of this beer, the malt. Gentle hopping with the German hop Hallertau gives it a very mild level of bitterness which adds to the roasty, biscuity flavours of those specialty malts.


6.2% ABV

American Black India Pale Ale

Topaz, Columbus and Centennial give this Black IPA a smokey, coffee meets the citrus nose. This heavily hopped IPA tests the boundaries of balance through the mid-palate before the English ale, crystal and Munich malts provide a sweet caramel backbone that reigns it all back in and leaves you seeking more.


3.5% ABV

Berliner Weisse

This was kettle- soured over the course of a few days by using a live Lactobacillus culture from a local dairy. We then fermented it out on US-05 to produce a very thin, dry, tart beer with a pH of 3.3. In the latter stages of secondary fermentation, we added local Australian sour cherries. What resulted is a beautiful pink/cranberry coloured beer, with almost perfect clarity. It has tart cherries and a hint of smoke on the nose, but the hero is the dry, spritzy sourness that evaporates on your tongue and leaves you continually chasing another sip.

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