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Middle of the Road 3.5%

Our brewpub is situated in the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Maleny, which means a lot of our visitors are daytrippers and need to be able to drive home. The Middle of the Road was brewed so that the designated drivers didn't have to miss out. This beer is anything but a bland mid-strength. It pours a light golden, straw colour and the addition of a large portion of rolled oats and wheat malts give this beer a body and texture well beyond it ABV. A generous does of Amarillo on the dry-hop provides a lovely citrus peach nose that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. 
New Zealand Pale Ale  4.5%

Brouhaha's New Zealand Pale Ale pack hops and malts exclusively from NZ! It pours a lovely golden orange colour, with a tightly packed white head. The healthy does of NZ hops at regular intervals throughout the brewing process gives it a very juicy, tropical, citrus nose. A light, smooth palate, aided by the addition of wheat malts ensures the hops are well balanced. A moderate bitterness and juicy hop portfolio make this an extremely sessional pale ale. 
Milk Stout 4.8%

Our milk stout pours beautifully dark with a burnt caramel coloured head. The aroma has distinct roast malt notes with hints of smoke. Lactose is added to ensure a smooth medium body to balance the roasted malt. And a clean sweet finish ensures this is an easy drinker and a stout for all seasons at 4.8%.
IPA (India Pale Ale) 6.7%

Our IPA is a freshly hopped American IPA. It is a light caramel, amber colour with a nose to die for! Huge passionfruit and stone fruit notes come from generous late hopping with Amarillo, Chinook and Centennial. But this IPA is all about balance. A predominantly English ale malt backbone ensure this beer is juicy, smooth and well- rounded. This takes the best parts of East and West Coast IPA’s and blends them into a beautifully balanced IPA that is far too smooth for 6.7%.
Raspberry Saison 5.9%

Batch- splitting is something we love to do at Brouhaha. It allows us to constantly experiment and add variety to our lineup. The raspberry saison starts out in the same tank as the dry- hopped version however, at the end of primary fermentation we split it off into a seperate tank and add 100kg of Australian raspberries. The active yeast ferments out the sugar in the raspberries, which increases the alcohol slightly. It is a cloudy pink colour, which comes from the juice of the raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries balances beautifully with the apple and pear flavours of the yeast. This beer takes me fondly back to my childhood picking raspberries in my Grandma’s garden.
Dry Hopped Saison 5.7%

Like any great Saison, this beer is all about showcasing the yeast strain. Apples, pears, orange peel and a hint of funk are blended beautifully into the nose of this ale. It pours a lovely, hazy golden colour with a fine, white head. This beer ferments nice and low, but the remaining yeast in suspension and wheat and munich malts give this beer a very rounded body and texture. A light drop-hop of Motueka adds a crisp, citrus spice with complements the yeast strain perfectly. 
Strawberry Rhubarb Sour 4.2%

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour is a kettle sour beer made using Maleny Dairies natural yoghurt as the souring culture. Then stewed rhubarb and strawberries were added into the fermenter during secondary fermentation. The resulting beer is light pink in colour and has strawberries on the nose but the taste is anything but sweet. Strong berrry flavours develop into sour rhubarb and finish nice and dry.
Double IPA (India Pale Ale) 8.5%

This is essentially an IPA on steroids. Increased alcohol. Increased hops. But far too easy to drink! A pale malt bill allows these huge American hops to shine! We have double dry-hopped this beast with Amarillo, Chinook and Centennial and then left it for an extended period of cold-conditioning to balance it all out. Patience has made sure this beer drinks far too smoothly for it’s 8.5%. But beware, these won’t just sneak up on you...
Blonde Ale 4.9%

The Blonde Ale is made to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime. It showcases the 4 natural  ingredients for what they are. It is hopped only with German Hallertau hops and has a malt bill almost entirely made up of pilsner malt. But this is isn't your typical Blonde. A slightly higher fermentation temperature creates a yeast presence which adds another element to this style. Then an extended period of cold conditioning ensures a clean, crips ale without any form of filtration. 
Dry Hopped Sour 4.2%

This is a kettle-sour style, made using Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt. We use the active lactobacillus culture in the yoghurt to create the complex sourness in the beer. The Lactobacillus consume the sugar and produce lactic acid, then once the desired level of sourness has been reached we boil the wort and kill  the lactobacillus to ensure stability of the finished product. We then dry-hopped it with a healthy hit of Motueka to add a fresh, citrus zestiness. The finished beer is dry, thin and very refreshing! Best enjoyed on a hot day in a big glass!
Smokey Cherry Sour 3.5%

This was kettle- soured over the course of a few days by using a live Lactobacillus culture from a local dairy. We then fermented it out on US-05 to produce a very thin, dry, tart beer with a pH of 3.3. In the latter stages of secondary fermentation we added local Australian sour cherries. What resulted is a beautiful pink/ cranberry coloured beer, with almost perfect clarity. It has tart cherries and a hint of smoke on the nose but the hero is the dry, spritzy sourness that evaporates on your tongue and leaves you constantly chasing another sip.
Amber Ale 4.7%

An English- inspired amber ale that is all about the sweet, sweet malt. English ale, cara-amber, crystal and munich malts make this a lovely toffee- coloured beer that smells like honey and caramel biscuits. It is lightly hopped with Brooklyn, Waimea and Motueka to balance out the sweetness of these wonderful specialty malts.However this is not about the hops, they play second fiddle to the smooth, sweet malts.
Raisin Hell 10%

Brewed for GABS festival 2017. A Belgian Dubbel aged on rum soaked American oak (Ord River Rum) with fresh raisins. Fruity spice from the classic Belgian yeast, complemented by vanilla and the sweet raisin. 15kg of raisins went into the mash, then another 10kg was added in secondary fermentation.
American Wheat Ale 4.4%

The American wheat ale is made for the Queensland summer. In the glass it has a golden, straw like haze to it that is representative of any un-filtered wheat beer. However, the use of a clean American yeast ensures the yeast takes the backseat to the hops in this one. With wheat malts making up over half of the malt bill, this ale has body and texture in spades. A heavy dry-hop of Amarillo and Topaz add a grassy, citrus nose that when paired with a low level of bitterness makes this the ultimate summer slammer.
Mango Passionfruit Wheat Ale 4.8%

A clean, simple malt bill and American yeast strain ensure this is all about the fruit. With 65kg of mango purée and 25kg of passionfruit juice added in secondary fermentation, there is nothing artificial about this. Fresh mango balances beautifully against the tartness of the passionfruit juice and makes for an unmistakeable, tropical nose. But a gentle bitterness reminds you this ain't no breakfast juice!
Black IPA 6.2%

Topaz, Columbus and Centennial give this Black IPA a smokey, coffee meets citrus nose. This heavily hopped IPA tests the boundaries of balance through the mid-palate before the English ale, crystal and munich malts provide a sweet caramel backbone that reigns it all back in and leaves you seeking more.
Irish Red Ale 4.2%

As the name promises, this ale pours a dark amber, red colour. And there are no prizes for guessing that this one is all about the malt. With shepherd’s delight, red back and english ale malts all appearing in large doses, there is no shortage of complexity to this malt profile. Fermenting this out with a clean ale yeast and an extended cold conditioning period, ensures a nice yeast profile without any off-flavours overpowering the hero of this beer, the malt. Gentle hopping with the German hop hallertau, gives it a very mild level of bitterness which adds to the roasty, biscuity flavours of those specialty malts.
Session IPA 4.8%

The session IPA pours a light golden, straw colour. Heavy late hopping provides a fresh, summery nose of citrus, limes and a touch of earthiness. The malt bill is predominantly extra pale and pilsner malts which keeps it thin and dry and allows the hops to shine through. An initially sweet and fruity palate opens up to a high level of bitterness that finishes quite dry and bitter. Definitely one for the hop-heads.
Lemon Aspen Sour 4.2%

Lemon Aspen is an Australian bush fruit found in tropical North Queensland the adds strong lemon characteristic to this sour. On the palate shows hints of gum and eucalyptus with a fresh clean finish, making this beer a perfect palate cleanser to start your tasting journey. This is a kettle-sour style, made using Maleny Dairy’s Natural Yoghurt. We use the active lactobacillus culture in the yoghurt to create the complex sourness in the beer. The Lactobacillus consume the sugar and produce lactic acid, then once the desired level of sourness has been reached we boil the wort and kill the lactobacillus to ensure stability of the finished product.